PREPAYMENT (Landlord Metering)


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Digicard MP21/MP22


(Digicard, Card)

100Amp MID Approved RFID (Contactless) Card Meter. Tenant places card on the front of the meter to apply credit.


CONTACTLESS CARD RECHARGER available to recharge cards with credit. Timer version available for laundry/shower rooms. Order code- CONTACTLESS CARD TIMER.


Benefits of CM/CTL system:


  • MID Approved Card Meter System, ensuring Landlords comply with all current regulations with regards to billing meters (see information here)

  • Landlords can use this as both a prepayment meter, as well as a debt/bill collection product.

  • Contactless technology, customer simply places card on the front of the meter to apply credit. Fantastic for people with disabilities, the elderly and children.

  • Can be set as a meter for HMOs (House of Multiple Occupancy)/Flats/Caravans, or in timer mode for laundry rooms, games rooms and showers.

  • Cards can be recharged (see CTL-RECHARGER) , so you’ll never have to buy cards again.

  • Three card types: We now also keep disposable paper cards for the CM/CTL card meter. There are also two rechargeable types: One which can be recharged with the same value credit; and one which can be recharged with £1-50 worth of credit.

  • If electricity prices go up, we can send you a card which will automatically update to your new tariff.

  • If you have a cleaner come and service the rooms/caravans, we can provide a service card so they’re not using the tenant/holidaymakers electricity.

  • We can supply a card dispenser (see our Card Dispensers section), which can be installed on site, so tenants/holidaymakers can buy their electricity whenever they want, without the inconvenience of having to come and ask for cards or a top-up.

Digicard MP21/MP22


(Digicard, Card)

Desktop Charger & Software which allows you to recharge your MP22 used cards with credit from your PC/Laptop.


Digicard MP21/MP22 Timer


(Digicard, Card)

MID Approved RFID (Contactless) Card Timer for Laundry/ Shower rooms in HMOs/ Shared Accommodation. Tenant places card on the front of the timer to apply credit.


Emlite MP11


(Emlite, Prepayment Card, and Timer)

MID Approved 100Amp  RFID (Contactless) Card Meter with Anti Tamper Extended Terminal Cover. Tenant places card on the front of the meter to apply credit.